Seva- Bhog- Manorath & Pooja vidhi at temple premises

Following Seva-puja are being offered to Lord by Devotees daily except certain specific Seva Bhog on festival/Utsava times. Further Our Shastriji could perform any of the following rituals at Temple in interest of devotees on token charge. Please contact office Telephone (079) 27477420 , Mobile 9426567547 for assistance.

Seva- Bhog- Manorath Vidhi

  • Rajbhog (Permanent one day)
  • Rajbhog (One day )
  • Tithi Thal (Permanent one Day Tithi)
  • Daily Tithi Thal (One day)

Regular Vidhi

  • Permanent Rajbhog : Rs.10000
  • Daily Rajbhog: Rs.750
  • Permanent Thithi: Rs.2001
  • Daily Thal: Rs.100
  • Daily Path Vidhi: Rs.70
  • Ekadashi Rudri path: Rs.70
  • Sampoot Chandi path: Rs.70

Regular Vidhi

  • Vishnu sahastra path: Rs.50
  • Rudrabhishek: Rs.50
  • Chandi path: Rs.50
  • Daily Khichdo (during Dhanurmas) : Rs.100
  • Hindola Uttsav Ashad vad 3 to Shravan vad 3 : Rs.600

Regular Activities

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Social Events/Functions
  • Association's Events/Functions
  • Religious Events/Functions
  • Company's,Society‚Äôs General Meetings, Bhajan, Sunderkand, Bhagvat Saptah etc.