Kameshwar Mahadev & Motiram Vitthaldas Sarvjanik Trust - History

In year 1970, considering the religious need of society , The Kameshwar Mahadev Sarvjanik Trust was formed vide no. E/1962 dated 24.12.70. The other Trust Motiram Vitthaldas Charistry Trust was formed vide no. E/2042 dated 26.05.71. Later on both the Trust were amalgamated and incorporated as Shri Kameshwar Mahadev & Motiram Vitthaldas Sarvjanik Trust, Ankur, Naranpura, Ahmedabad vide registration number E/3848 dated 7.05.80.

The Trust is carrying out various religious and social services for the society. The Kameshwar Mahadev Temple is maintained by Trust. The temple has gorgeous idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Parvati mataji and Lord Shiva, Lord Ranchodji and Goddess Amba mataji. Goddess Parvatimataji and Goddess Ambamataji is sitting on goldplated sinhasan. The Lord Ranchodji is standing on Golden sinhasan. The golden touch is given to Nandi and the idol of Lord Shiva, located at entrance of garbhgruh.

In addition there are Deris of Bhairavdada, Shitlamataji , Baliabapaji and Vir Hanumanji near entrance of main gate. The idols and its surrounding areas of Bhairavdada is gold plated. All idols are very eye-catching and noticeable. It gives peace, pleasure and happiness to devotees. The temple and its premises has a marble floor which is maintained neat and clean.

Moreover behind the temple premises there are two halls including one AC Hall for marriage and social activities. The halls have full-fledged facilities and are provided at a nominal rate on booking basis. Many religious activities such as Bhagvat katha, Ramayan katha, Bhajan, Satsang sabha, shrandhajali, etc. are arranged. The hall is also utilized for company’s board meeting, annual meeting etc

In the temple, the Trust is celebrating various religious festivals and ceremonies for devotees on unique and distinguish level.

Moreover the Trust is contributing the students for their development by arranging seminar, conference and carrier development programme. The Trust is providing notebooks, full scale books on nominal rate to students.

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